Repurposing Home Décor

I love to redecorate my house.  I commonly repaint walls, rearrange furniture and rearrange décor pieces.  Changing things around is a fun and easy way to liven up a room and give it new character.  However, when you are on a limited budget, redecorating may seem impossible.  One way I have been able to keep redecorating and adding variety, while on a budget, to my home is to re-purpose and re-do pieces.

This week I have re-done a Beforeframed mirror and a framed cork board.  The cork board I have had since my undergrad days and the mirror was acquired by my fiancé.  I have been wanting to use these pieces in the guest room.  As you can see they are both is good condition, but they needed to be re-done in order to create a cohesive theme.  I chose to use a light grey/silver spray paint to unify the pieces.  Spray paint is a very affordable way to give a piece a fresh look.

  1. First, tape and cover the areas that you do not want painted. For these pieces I covered the mirror and the corkboard.
  2. Then, lightly sanded the frames in order to create a rougher surface for the spray paint to stick to. Wipe the frames.
  3. Now you are ready to paint. The trick to a great spray paint finish is to not stop spraying while spraying the piece.  Start spraying and end spraying off of the piece.  This creates an even paint job without any drips.  You will need to do at least two coats to get full coverage.  I like to spray the pieces outside, but bring them inside to dry so dirt/grass/bugs don’t stuck to them.
  4. Once the pieces are dry, hang them!

After 1

After 2

These pieces are part of my overall guest room re-do.  The mirror will be nice for guests to have a private place to get ready and the cork board will contain pictures and helpful tips, such as the wifi password.



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