Natural Overnight Oatmeal

Natural Overnight Oatmeal

I love oatmeal.  It is such a well-rounded, easy to make breakfast.  It’s full of protein and fiber, and with a chopped up a banana on top you get one of your fruit servings for the day.

I pack my mornings in with a lot of things (work out, devotional time, writing and getting ready for work), I don’t have time to cook breakfast before I go to work.  I used to heat up instant oatmeal at the office in the microwave.  But I have been trying to use the microwave less and we are at a temporary location at work so there is no sink readily available.  I was in need of a new breakfast but not ready to part with oatmeal.  I was discussing this at a recent family event and my cousin asks me “Do you like hot oatmeal or cold oatmeal?”  My mind was complete blown, what do you mean COLD oatmeal???

My cousin goes on to describe her recipe for cold oatmeal, it is so easy!  She mentions that she likes it since it is closer to the natural state of the oatmeal, which clicked with my desire to use the microwave less.  I immediately tried her recipe and fell in love!  It is so easy, and it tastes much better than hot oatmeal.  You can actually taste the texture of the oatmeal and since it is cold it is refreshing.

This recipe is for one cup, feel free to adjust the amount for your preference.  I tend to be ravenous in the morning 🙂


  • Put one cup of oatmeal in a bowl. I use a glass storage container since it has a lid.
  • Add your seasonings and mix them in. I like nutmeg, turmeric and cinnamon.
  • Add one cup of Silk almond milk
  • Put the cover on your container and leave it in the refrigerator overnight.
  • In the morning add your desired fruit, such as banana or dried cranberries.
  • Enjoy!

Update:  If you are a bite forgetful like me, there may be some mornings you wake up and realize that you forgot to make your oatmeal.  But don’t fret!  Make it as soon as you remember.  I have found that the oatmeal needs to soak for at least an hour.  There will be some liquid that has not absorbed but the oatmeal will be soft and delicious.  Enjoy!

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