Enjoy Fresh Flowers in Your House by Starting a Cutting Flower Bed!

Enjoy Fresh Flowers in Your House by Starting a Cutting Flower Bed!

No matter how much I try, my house does not have enough sunlight to be full of live plants.  I always have a twinge of jealousy when I see the sunny Pinterest pictures of plant filled room.  They are so beautiful!

Since I live in sunny Florida I tinted some of my homes windows in order to conserve energy.  This is great on the pocketbook because it blocks some of the sunlight, keeping the house cooler and the AC working less, but not so great for growing plants in the house.  There are still a few locations in the house live plants will grow well but I want more plants within the house.  Side note: the house is still sunny, it is not a dark hole (lol), the tinting just blocks some of the UV rays.

A cut flower bouquet is a perfect solution to brighten up a house when you are unable (or unwillingly) to care for house plants.  However, buying flowers each week can be a budget buster and you are also limited to what the store has in stock.  I don’t know about you, but I absolutely despise the neon-dyed flowers; they are hideous.  What are they thinking??  Growing your own flowers provides you the flexibility to grow the flowers that you love and cut them when you need them.

I love to grow flowers (and plants) that I can use in the house.  Some of the plants I cut the leaves from are scattered throughout the yard.  Florida has great big leaf plants that are beautiful inside, and last a long time, like the split leaf philodendron I discussed here.  For cutting flowers, you will want to designate a specific area in your yard in order to grown them.  If you have a large veggie garden you may want to do it there, or maybe in an area that can be viewed from your kitchen window.  Once you find the location, it is time to get started prepping the soil!  You can follow my detailed instructions on how to create a raised garden bed here.  Raised garden beds are great to use for cut flowers as well as vegetables.  I have two raised garden beds in my vegetable garden area dedicated to cut flowers.


In case you need another reason to grow your own flowers, have you heard of the Slow Flower Movement?  It is a branch of the local movement, which is a push to buy local, be it locally grown food or shopping at locally owned stores (not large chains or online).  As our world becomes more connected through travel options, internet, etc., we have become more disconnected from our local community, how our food and goods get to us and where it is grown or constructed.  Examples of this disconnect are all around us.  Reviewing Facebook to look at what our friends are doing instead of sitting on our front porches to talk to our neighbors face to face or buying the lowest price item online rather than go to a local store and buy the item at a slightly higher price from a member in our community.

Evidence that supports the local movement states that buying local will strengthen your local economy and help the environment.

The Slow Flower movement is local flower movement about buying locally grown, in season flowers, you can read more about that here.  By growing the flowers in your own backyard, you are eliminating all of the energy wasted and pollution created that the store bought flower has.  You are also providing pollen for bees and butterflies and creating a more natural environment for the insects and birds, rather than a sea of green lawn.

Growing your own cutting flower garden allows you to have beautiful bouquets in your house.  The cutting flower bed is also a beautiful addition to any garden, and it helps support the bee and butterfly population.

Are you growing a cut flower bed?  What kinds of flowers are you growing?

If you don’t have a cut flower bed, what is holding you back?

I would love to hear from you!

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