Easy Couponing

Easy Couponing

It seems like everything keeps getting more expensive.  One great way to lower your family’s monthly bills is to start using coupons.  It may seem old fashioned but it is a tried and true way to cut your costs.

I buy the local newspaper, it is delivered on Sunday’s and Thursday’s with the coupon packets inside.  I was able to find a discounted price for a year subscription paper on Groupon.com; check for discounted prices before you sign up for delivery.  When your paper arrives, go through the coupon packages and cut out the coupons for products that you use or would like to use.  Then, put your coupons in a handy coupon organizer and store it in your purse or your car.  This way if you make a spur of the moment trip to the grocery store, you will have your coupons handy.

Each week, I go through the grocery store weekly ad and the CVS weekly ad to find what products are on sale.  I then make my shopping list, noting which items I have coupons for.  This way, when I go to the store, I will have a little reminder on my list to pull out my coupons.

At CVS there are a lot of deals that give you Extra Care Bucks; be sure to sign up for the CVS card in order to take advantage of these deals.  This is a coupon for a fixed amount off your next product, $1 off, $5 off, $8 off, etc.  I like to use these right away to take advantage of the deal.  To use these right away, I do at least two separate transactions during one shopping trip.  The first transaction will be for the items I will be getting Extra Care Bucks for, and the second transaction will be for the rest of my items.  I love how the CVS receipt shows what items you saved on, the overall percentage and dollar amount you saved on your transaction and your year to date saving.

One of my most recent shopping trips, I saved a total of $27 for a 58% savings!  Most of the products were on sale and I had coupons from the paper and CVS in order to lower the cost even more.  I highly encourage you to start using coupons, a little savings is always worth it.  You are spending your hard earned money – use coupons to keep more of it in your pocket!

As a note, a lot of stores have online coupons now.  Check with the stores you shop with to see what options they have for acquiring and redeeming coupons.

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