Affordable Wedding Series: Introduction

Affordable Wedding Series: Introduction

2016 was an amazing year for my family, my husband and I announced our engagement in the beginning of the year and we were married in September of 2016.  It was a beautiful wedding and most of our family were able to attend.  Planning and executing the wedding was an incredible feat, it admittedly got the best of me at times.  There are a lot of tiny details to keep track of and sometimes something slips through the cracks.  Would you believe that I forgot to pick a song to walk out to!!  Thankfully we had friends and family helping us and our friend swooped in and picked a song for me to walk out to.  And I actually don’t remember hearing the song, I was so emotionally full from seeing the full room of family and friends and my loving fiancé waiting for me.

The average wedding costs for 2016 was $32,627 according to the  $32,627.  That’s an insane amount of money to spend on one event.  You could buy a Volvo S60 for $32,795, which could last 15 to 20 years if you hold on to it like I discuss here.  If you invested this amount you would have $219,498 after 20 years (if it gains 10% interest)!  Or if you prefer, $32,647 buys 1,020 pairs of Old Navy Rock Star jeans (my absolute favorite).  That’s an insane amount of jeans, but you get my point, this is wayyy too much money to be spending on one day.

We spent about $10,000 on our wedding, which is 30% of the average amount spent.  While we would have loved to have spent less, and we tried, we tried.  We ultimately decided that we wanted to invite all of our family and some of our friends to the wedding, this caused the invite list to be 140 people, with 108 attending.  As I will discuss in this series, the size of your guest list will directly affect the cost of your wedding.

I am writing this series to provide a guide for you.  We did a few things out of the ordinary in order to save money and add our own mark to the event.  I’m sure people thought we were strange, (one person in fact told us we were doing it wrong J) but we saved a lot of money and are happy with the results.  Some of the things we did break with tradition, but as long as you have your fiancé and God, and someone to perform the ceremony, it will be right.  The rest is just fluff!  So let’s save some money, and stress, on the fluff!

I will be covering the following topics over the next few months.

  • Guest List, Location and Budget
  • Food
  • Attire
  • Invites
  • Center pieces
  • Bouquet
  • Favors
  • Photography
  • Honeymoon
  • Changing your name
  • Wedding album

If you have a question about something that is not on this list, please let me know and I will try my best to address it.

And remember, your wedding is just that, your wedding.  Don’t let good meaning friends and family talk you into doing something you don’t want to do.  I hope you enjoy this series, I had a lot of fun putting it together for you!

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