5 Pieces That Make A Great Guest Room

5 Pieces That Make A Great Guest Room

I love to host guests in my home.  I live far away from my family, so when I was able to purchase a house a guest room was a priority.  I want my family and friends to feel at home and comfortable when they visit.  I have found, through some trial and error, the recipe for a great guest room.  There are five main ingredients; a comfortable bed, a suitcase holder, room in the closet, a side table with a reading lamp and a mirror.

Comfortable guest bed.  This may seem like a no brainer, but somehow I got this wrong in the beginning.  My dad waited until the end of a five week visit to tell me that the mattress was extremely uncomfortable!  While I wish he would have told me sooner so we could have fixed the problem, I should have tested the bed before hosting visitors.  While everyone has a different mattress comfort level, make sure the bed is comfortable to you.  A mattress pad is an affordable way to soften a mattress you already own.

A suitcase holder.   When I travel, I hate putting my suitcase on the floor.  Since I rarely unpack in drawers when I am traveling, I end up crouching on the ground to find what I need out of my suitcase.  Purchase a suitcase holder, it is worth the expense as it will make your guests feel like they are staying in a hotel!

Room in the closet.  It is tempting to take up all of the closet space in your house, but be sure to leave some space in the closet for your guests.  They will bring some clothes that will need to be hung up.  Be sure to show them the space, and the extra hangers, so they don’t feel like that is your space that they cannot use.

Side table with a reading lamp.  Your guest will use the guest room to unwind before bed, so it’s important that it has all of the furniture you would find in a normal bedroom.  A side table for them to place their phone at night (with a plug close by) and a reading lamp.  The glare of a overhear light, as well as getting up to shut it off, is not conducive to winding down.

A mirror.  There should be a mirror in the guest room so your guest has a private place to get ready.  My guest room has a long mirror for trying on outfits as well as a smaller mirror that is hung on the wall and can be used for doing makeup or hair.

These are my favorite five pieces in my guest room.  Use these and your guests won’t be disappointed!

Do you have anything different in your guest room?  What would you like to see in a guest room when you are visiting someone.  I would love to know what it is.



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