4 Steps to Healthy Eating

4 Steps to Healthy Eating

I love to eat healthy, nutritious food.  However, with our limited amount of time, we sometimes end up buying prepared food or settling for pizza because it is easy.  In order to keep my family on track I have four favorite tricks.

  1. Prepare your grocery list and go to the grocery store

We all know that we need to go to the grocery store to get food for the week.  However, sometimes the list may seem like an optional step.  I like to spend time thinking about what meals and snacks my family and I want to eat in the coming week and checking the kitchen to see if I have all the ingredients.  This way when Wednesday rolls around and I am all set to make my famous quinoa balls (http://www.imaginegoodliving.com/quinoa-balls/), I have all of the ingredients.

  1. Prepare your snacks and lunch the night before.

I am a snacker at work.  I need to bring healthy snacks to munch on, otherwise I am left with the EVIL vending machine!  Putting a few items in a bag and portioning your lunch out will save you time in the morning and help you have a more productive day at work.  My favorite snack foods are almonds and baby carrots (no dressing).

  1. Arrange your healthy food in the refrigerator in an appealing way.

While this may seem like a small change, I have noticed that arranging the food in the refrigerator in an appealing way has helped in my house.  If the yummy healthy leftovers are pushed in the back of the fridge no one is going to see them!  I like to arrange the fridge so the leftovers are in a prominent place and there is a bowl of fruit that is ready to be eaten.

  1. Have something sweet on hand for when the sweet tooth hits.

The sweet tooth can be a big downfall for healthy eating.  I substitute unhealthy sweets for more natural and nutritious sweet foods.  Fruits such as blue berries, raspberries or dried cranberries have are healthy for you and have natural sweetness that will curb that sweet tooth craving.

I hope these four tips help you eat healthier!

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