3 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Wall Color

3 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Wall Color

Walking into the paint section of your home improvement store can be overwhelming.  There are sooo many colors to choose from.  How do you pick the right color for your house and lifestyle?

I have made my share of painting mistakes.  In one apartment, so desperate for some color, I chose what I thought was a citrus color palette.  I was very proud of my painting job, I even created a few art pieces to accent it.  It wasn’t until the maintenance guy came in and remarked “did you decorate for Easter?” that I realized my mistake.  Thankfully my roommate and I didn’t have much more time on the lease and we able to start fresh at a new apartment.  To prevent myself from making the same horrible (Easter bunny sized!) mistake, I spend a lot more time prepping for painting, and I’m not talking about prepping the walls.

  1. Pinterest is your new best friend.  When I was redoing my sunroom I started my paint color search on Pinterest.  I needed some help identifying my style, the only way to figure it out was to see all of the styles out there.  Open a Pinterest and set up a page with the room you are painting as the title.  As you are searching and see a color, furniture, or general style/feel of a sunroom pin it to your page.  After a week or two of this type research you should have a good amount of photos on your page to look to for inspiration.
  1. What is the purpose of the wall color? Now to narrow down you Pinterest choices by decided what the function of the wall color will be.  Will the wall color be the pop of color in the room or will the wall color be the back drop to statement furniture pieces that are the pop of color?  For my sunroom, I used the wall color as the pop of color in the room.  Since the room is flooded with natural light, I chose bright sky blue which play nicely off the white furniture pieces and gray/denim double chaise.  But for the living room and dining room, I chose a more subdued tan.  In my house, you can see the living room, dining room and sun room all the same time so the colors complement each other and the bright blue sunroom helps lure people to the view of the backyard.
  1. Time to sample paint. Once you have figured out your style and the function of the wall color, it is time to brave the sea of paint options to get some samples.  I always get 3 to 5 different samples.  Paint the samples in the room you are going to paint, the test area should be about 3’ by 3’ in size.  This is will help you picture the whole room as that color, as well as see how the paint reacts to different types of light.  After reviewing these samples for a few days you may have found your perfect color.  If so, congratulations, it’s time to get painting.  If not, don’t worry, there are more samples to try.  In picking the living room/dining room/hallway colors we went through at least 3 rounds of samples.  Sometimes it takes a little bit longer to find the color you love, it will be worth it in the end.

These are the three steps I use now in order to pick the perfect paint color.  However, starting the process with inspiration boards gets me excited about the other aspects of redoing a room.  If you don’t have money available for new furniture or décor, try rearranging the furniture and décor you already have.  You may end up with something you like even better!

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